SmartTube Apk Download for Android TV [100% Free and Official]

Hello friends today we are going to talk about an amazing app called SmartTube Apk. In this apk, you can run any videos from YouTube without the ads. In other applications, while watching videos you will see there are plenty of ads and other sponsorship videos, which is really annoying.

To get rid of this you can use SmarTube Apk. To be free from ads, and to get to watch full video without any kind of disruption smarttube app is the best. For more details and to get download info of the smarttube app stay with us and enjoy the blog.

What Is SmartTube Apk

Smarttube apk is a YouTube client which will allow you to let stream videos on your smart TV. If you are having trouble watching your favorite YouTube videos you can just install the smarttube apk and enjoy the videos without any interruption.

SmartTube apk gives you access to watch videos on your smart TV by using it. It can run on Google TV, Fire TV, FireStick, and many more. By unlocking the premium features of YouTube you can watch 100% ads-free videos.

Unlike other apps it is free and you can install it on your Android TV or smart TVs. All the YouTube premium features are available. YouTube music is also available for free. Early access to music and premium videos and podcasts are available.


App Info

App NameSmartTube
Size26.5 MB
Required Android5.0 and Up
Star Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

How To Download and Install SmartTube Apk for Android Smart TV?

Click the below link to download the APK file. Open your TV file manager and click on the APK file to install it on your TV.


You can download this apk on your PC, transfer it to a pen drive, connect the pen drive to your Android TV, browse the apk file, and install it.

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Features Of SmartTube Apk

Just think of no interruption. smart tube apk allows you to watch YouTube videos without ads, sponsorship videos, and other advertisement videos.

If you use YouTube you know that during watching videos you get lots of ads. In a full 10-minute video you will get 2 ads minimum. But using the smart tube apk you will get none.

The 10-minute video you will enjoy it fully without any ads on your smart TV. There is no app in the Google Play Store. You will download the smarttube apk from below for your smart TV.

When you get the smarttube apk you will get all the premium features of youtube. Like YouTube Music Premium. You will get to listen to ads free music streaming, and early access to new releases, live performances, and podcasts.

All the access to these will be on your fist. Nowadays YouTube is like the place for ads not for videos. People are annoyed because of the ads. Also not everyone can afford the subscriptions. But in the smarttube apk, you will watch videos on YouTube freely. No subscriptions are needed and no ads will show.

You will get to choose all video quality. Starting from 144p to 2160p. All kinds of subtitles are available. You can access every language in this app.

In smarttube apk supports 8K. All the premium features are available. No ads, no sponsorship videos, enjoy YouTube music with no subscription pack.

Is It Safe to Use Smart Tube Apk on Android TV?

Yes, it is safe to use the SmartTube APK on Android TV. You can use it on any Android TV or smart TV. Just install it and use it freely.


This is all about SmartTube Apk. Above you get all the details and download info of the smarttube apk. if you are having trouble downloading this app you can comment down below. We will respond to your queries. For more streaming and video player apps follow our blog and enjoy.
Thank you.

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