iGirl Virtual AI Girlfriend Premium Mod Apk Download 2023

Hello, Today we are going to talk about an AI app called iGirl AI girlfriend apk. As you know these days AI apps are storming the market. These apps provide splendid features like auto-generated photos, videos, songs, stories etc; which is easy for your content. Because it generates all these items so fast that you won’t believe it. Like these AI apps, there is an app called iGirl AI girlfriend App.

In this app, you can find an AI girlfriend with whom you can talk and do all sorts of things. The app will allow you to customization and all other interesting things. To know more stay with us and enjoy the blog.

What Is iGirl: Virtual AI Girlfriend App

iGirl virtual AI girlfriend app is an AI app that gives you an AI girlfriend with some interesting abilities. You can talk to her by using text. She can talk back to you using voice. She can detect all kinds of language like English and Chinese etc.

Now AI applications are taking over the market as these apps provide you great results based on your searches. You can customize your girlfriend according to the options. The emotions and expressions are available. You can design the AI girlfriend of your choice.

igirl ai virtual girlfriend

In iGirl virtual AI girlfriend app you can change your relationship with the AI girl. You can voice chat, text, and experience 3D visuals in this apk. Experience the real girlfriend through different activities. This app is free to download. iGirl virtual AI girlfriend app is entertaining also you can run it on any Android device you want.

Features Of iGirl Mod Apk

As you know iGirl AI girlfriend apk is an AI app that gives you the opportunity to talk to a 3D girlfriend. You can get all kinds of different angles. You can talk to the girlfriend by text. Then she can reply to you using her voice. Common languages like English and Chinese are supported in this app.

You can hang out with her on this app. You can sing with her, dance with her and also you can do a lot of activities with her. The hobbies like watching movies, and sharing your interest with her are all possible in this apk.

If you make some requests she can respond to your requests. She can either accept it or deny it. The interface of the app is user-friendly.

igirl ai friend

iGirl AI girlfriend apk you can create your own story with the help of your AI girlfriend. All the customized options are available. You can customize your AI girlfriend by using different options. You can choose the age, personality, and looks of your AI girl. You can choose the quality of the girl and can choose the range of all the personalities.

In iGirl AI girlfriend apk you can be the best friend, lover, or any other relationship with the girl. This is free to download. You can play it on your Android device easily.

Apk Info

App NameiGirl: Virtual AI Girlfriend
Android Required4.4 and Up
Star Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

How To Download iGirl Premium APK?

It is compatible with all Android devices. you can just easily download iGirl AI girlfriend apk from the given link. Read the instructions and download the apk.

  1. First click on the download button below.
  2. Then allow permissions from unknown resources in your device.
  3. After that install the iGirl AI girlfriend apk and enjoy.

How To Use iGirl AI Girlfriend APK?

Using iGirl AI girlfriend apk is easy. As we will provide you with full details of the steps you will follow to run the app on your devices.

  • First of all download the apk and install it on your device.
  • Then open the iGirl AI girlfriend apk and create a new account.
  • After logging in you can talk to igirl via messages so that she can reply in her voice.
  • You can customize igirl appearance by choosing options given in the app.


This is all about iGirl AI girlfriend apk. Here you can find all the specs and download link of iGirl AI girlfriend apk. If you have any regarding this apk you can comment below. We will be happy to help you back. For more AI-related apk follow our blog. Thank you.

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