IGTOR APK Download For Android | Get IGTOR Followers Vote, Story Views, Poll Vote

Download Igtor Apk V9S For Android. Increase Unlimited Free Real Followers On Instagram Using Igtor App. Grow Your Insta Followers, Likes, Video Views, IGTV Video Views, Story Views, Comment Likes, Poll Votes, and Save More.

IGTOR is an auto-follower app designed to aid in boosting the number of followers among its users. As a newbie on Instagram or if you would like to grow your Instagram account within a short period, then you should consider giving IGTOR a try.

IGTOR stands out as one of the best for boosting the number of followers on Instagram with the utmost ease.

If you are on the lookout for the best third-party app that will aid in increasing your Instagram followers, IGTOR will best suit your needs.

In today’s article, we shall be discussing how to use IGTOR Apk to gain followers and grow your Instagram account within no time.

The best part is that IGTOR followers are legit as opposed to the computer-generated followers often offered by auto followers Instagram apps. With that said, let’s get started on today’s article.

What Is IGTOR App?

First things first, what is IGTOR Apk? This is an auto follower Instagram app designed to boost the number of Instagram followers among its users.

In addition to offering followers on your Instagram profile, IGTOR App allows you to send likes to your video and posts, provides you with video views, story views, comments, likes, IGTV Video Views, save and poll votes.

Not all of the features found on IGTOR Apk can be found on the official Instagram app. If you love downloading images and videos from Instagram, then this app will be best for you.

You do not need to install another app that will help you download images and videos from Instagram. With IGTOR Apk you can surf and download Instagram posts at the same time and in the process saves you ample time.

In addition to offering some top-notch features, using this app is pretty much straightforward. The app has been designed to be friendly among less tech-savvy individuals.

You do not require3 any IT skills to maneuver within this app or boost your number of Instagram followers with IGTOR.

Moreover, this app has made the whole process of gaining followers relatively easy. You are not required to complete any sophisticated task to gain followers on your Instagram profile.

As a result, to boost the number of followers on your Instagram profile, you will need to login into IGTOR with the use of a fake Instagram account and send followers, likes, and comments to your official Instagram account with the use of a custom URL targeting your username.

The whole process is relatively easy as well as safe.

IGTOR Apk has been proven to be safe and very effective when it comes to boosting the number of followers on your Instagram profile. Currently, there are over 1000 individuals using this app and it has been rated 4.90. This shows that everyone has received top-notch results from IGTOR.

The app has grown to become the first choice Instagram auto follower app among individuals that love growing their Instagram profile within no time.

What Are The Features Of IGTOR App?

IGTOR Apk comes e3quipped with some top-notch features which make it stand out from its competitors. With this in mind, here are some of the top-notch features offered by IGTOR Apk is:

Followers-: With IGTOR Apk, you will be able to send a significantly high number of followers to your Instagram account within no time.

Likes & Comments-: Just like followers IGTOR provide its users with like and comments on their Instagram posts.

Views-: With IGTOR, you are guaranteed to receive video views, story views as well as IGTV Video views.

Votes-: IGTOR allows its users to send story polls on their Instagram Stories.

Save-: The best part about using IGTOR Apk is that it allows its users to download videos and Instagram posts with ease.

Safe-: Nowadays, online safety comes first when using any app and with IGTOR Apk you are guaranteed to receive just that. The app is equipped with an array of top-notch security features making it one of the most secured auto followers Instagram app available out there.

Size4.4 MB
Required Android4.1 and up
CategorySocial Media

How To Download IGTOR Apk In Android For Free?

It’s very easy to download Igtor Apk. Just click on the below Download Button and wait some seconds, your downloading will start immediately. If you have facing any problem regarding download, then you can contact us.

How To Use IGTOR Apk To Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly?

With Igtor apk you can easily get free followers, likes, story views and many more by just doing some simple steps. Here bellow you can see the steps to increase your Instagram followers.

After install the igtor app simple open the app and change the language to English. Then, you can see a Followers tab here click on Use.


After that you will be move in the Free Followers section. Then, just click on Login.


Here enter your Instagram username and password and select Login Server #1. If Server 1 is not working then, select Login Server#2 [BETA]. and click on Login.


Then, you need to verify your account to login. So, here you can see your insta gmail id and just click on Code Send.


A verification code will be send to your Gmail ID. So, get that code, put in the box and click on Confirm Code.


Now, you are successfully login to your igtor app. and you can send followers to your account. After login in your profile section you can see a Followers Quantity Box. Just enter the numbers of followers you want in your Instagram account and then click on Send. For more credit you can do some simple task and able to send more numbers of followers.


After clicking on Send, you can see your followers will increase within a second.


Pros And Cons Of IGTOR

IGTOR is undoubtedly the best app when it comes to growing your Instagram profile. With this app, you will not only boost the number of followers on your profile but also get comments, likes, and views on your posts.

And the best part is that you will get to download and save some of your favorite videos and Instagram posts.

However, like any other app out there, IGTOR also comes with its pros and cons. Let’s see what are they. Here are the pros and cons of using IGTOR.


  • It is relatively easy to use IGTOR. You do not have to be an IT expert to use this application.
  • With IGTOR, you are guaranteed to grow your Instagram followers within a relatively short period. This makes it one of the best auto follower Instagram apps for use among newbies and those who would like to boost their Instagram account.
  • As opposed to many auto follower apps, IGTOR is safe and highly reliable. You do not have to worry about leaking your personal information to the outside world.
  • With IGTOR Apk, you are guaranteed to receive legit followers on your Instagram profile. This is a unique feature since most auto follower apps offer computer-generated or fake followers.


Although IGTOR stands out as one of the best performing auto follower Instagram apps, it does come with its downside. Here are some of the17 cons of using IGTOR Apk.

  • The app has been primarily designed for android users. This means that you cannot access this app when using iOS.
  • This app is known to overwork most phones. This can lead to battery issues.


Growing your Instagram profile can be relatively challenging, especially as a newbie. However, with the right tool, the whole process becomes easy and you can grow your profile within a short period.

With IGTOR Apk, you can grow your Instagram profile from zero to a thousand followers within no time. And the best part is that this app is safe and free for use, therefore, you will have nothing to lose when using it.

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